The Wedding Of

Echa & Aleks

The Wedding Of

Echa & Aleks

So they are no longer two,but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together,let no one seperate

Matthew 19:6

By the grace of God, we are pleased to announce our wedding to you, our family and friends:

Thressia Kurniadi

Daughter of Tilly Kurniadi & Tjong Mie Hua


Aleksandar Tomasevic

Son of Ljubisko Tomasevic & Mirjana Tomasevic

Our Love Story


This relationship began in a way we both never expected.

We had a casual day out on our own in February 2020. At this stage, Thressia and Aleks were so happily single and didn’t expect that fate allowed them to meet at the Queen’s Bar.
When all of a sudden, Aleks went to Thressia’s table, spoke to her girlfriend first who’s with her, then went straight on his knees for her number.

Thressia was so surprised and refused to give her number for a few times, after more questions for dessert she remained firm not to give her number to stranger.
However, Aleks is smarter than she thought!
He borrowed her phone, put his own number and called himself with her phone, making sure he got her number, by then she thought this man would leave the moment he got what he wanted, but to her surprise again, he took a chair and sit next to her then began to talk to her more.


One conversation led to another, the pursuing game went really strong till Thressia was convinced to be in a relationship with Aleks.



3 years went just like yesterday, until March 8th 2023, Aleks decided to propose his forever best friend in a different way.

Took her to a fancy underwater view restaurant in Apurva Kempinski, got the ring ready, and when the ring arrived on the table, a diver came near to their table with the question “Will you marry me?”

She was shocked that her expression went flat, shy, and happy mixed together. Then Aleks went down on his knee for the second time for her, asked the question, not for her number this time 🤭, but to live the life together and forever.


And of course she said “YESS”

Holy Matrimony

Friday, 08th of March 2024
16:00 – 16:30 PM

Pandawa Cliff Estate Villa PALA

Jl. Karang Putih No.18, Kutuh, Bukit, Badung Regency,

Bali 80361, Indonesia


Friday, 08th March 2024
18:00 Till Drop

Pandawa Cliff Estate Villa ROSE

D-day countdown


Wedding Gift

Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all.
Should you wish to honour us with the gift, monetary gift welcome.
There will be an envelope box upon entrance at the reception.


Please help us prepare everything better by confirming your attendance at our real wedding event with the following RSVP form:
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Give prayers and greetings to the bride and groom

See you on our big day

Echa & Aleks

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