The Wedding Of

Edoardo & Vili

The Wedding Of

Edoardo & Vili

“C’è un posto nel mondo dove il cuore batte forte,
dove rimani senza fiato, per quanta emozione provi,
dove il tempo si ferma e non hai più l’età;
quel posto è tra le tue braccia
in cui non invecchia il cuore,
mentre la mente non smette mai di sognare.”

“There is a place in the world
where the heart beats strong,
where you are left breathless,
no matter how much emotion you feel,
where time stops and you are no longer of age;
that place is in your arms in which the heart does not age, while the mind never stops dreaming.”

With great joy, we are delighted to announce our wedding to you, our family and friends:


Vili Vilandari Engriwan


Edoardo Rosettani

Our Story

Guangzhou, China - Sep 2014

"Where our eyes crossed for the first time"

Bali, Indonesia - Aug 2017

"After countless messages and calls, Edo finally decided to fly to Indonesia where we realized that the chemistry between us is still there all along. Our long distance relationship began"

New Delhi, India - New Year 2018

"We were deeply missing each other and decided to meet somewhere between Italy and Indonesia"

Milan, Italy - May 2018

"The bumpy road of getting the visa, turning down the job promotion and saying goodbye to island life. It was all worth it for love!! We finally share the same roof"

Munich, Germany - Jan 2022

"Together, we stepped into a new journey! Finding our new home, using moving boxes as our dining table, buying our favorite sofa, learning a new language. Just the two of us..."

Porto S. Elpidio, Italy - Apr 02, 2022

"We are officially husband and wife! It was a beautiful intimate moment between us"

Bali, Indonesia - Aug 08, 2024

"It´s happening! We can´t wait to share and celebrate our love with all of you our favorite people!"


Wedding Ceremony

Thursday, 08 August 2024
15:30 till late


Please wear the best sunset color imagination of yours as a dresscode.

Be Our Guest & Stay with Us

Thursday, 08 August 2024
Check-in at 14:00 – Check-out at 12:00

It means the world to us to have you, therefore we are pleased to invite you for a one night stay at Bali Beach Glamping.


Wedding Gift

As love is what the day is all about, your presence is one we can’t celebrate without. But should you still believe that a gift is worth giving, a contribution for our dream honeymoon is a delightful blessing.


Please help us to prepare everything better by confirming your attendance at our wedding celebration with the following RSVP form, at your earliest convinience:

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Give prayers and greetings to the bride and groom

See you in Bali, The Island of God.

Edoardo & Vili


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